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A Must Have for Every Athlete and Bodybuilder. For decades, BCAA’s have been renowned for their ability to help promote muscle growth, power, and endurance while decreasing fatigue perception and speeding recovery.The branch chain amino acids (L-leucine, L-isoleucine, and L-valine) are so named because of their molecular configuration…but trust me, I won’t bore you with the chemistry. What’s important to know is this. These amino acids are essential to your body, as your body cannot make them on its own. And for contributing to nearly 35% of the essential aminos in muscle proteins, BCAA’s are of critical importance to athletes and bodybuilders.Listen, BCAA’s play a big role in promoting a positive nitrogen balance inside muscles, which helps promote new muscle growth and recovery while discouraging muscle breakdown.And that’s the big key right there. Endurance and fatigue perception.You see, BCAA’s are metabolized not in the liver…like every other amino acid…but rather right inside your muscles. Therefore, supplementation with BCAA’s may provide your muscles with massive amounts of energy…and what I’m about to tell you next can really suck. Your body will rip apart your muscle tissue to produce more energy. Thankfully, supplementation with BCAA’s may help prevent that. And, that’s probably why athletes on a low carbohydrate diet report higher energy levels with BCAA use.For their ability to help support harder and longer training sessions, in addition to supporting greater gains in muscle and power, BCAA’s have become a MUST HAVE for millions of dominant athletes and bodybuilders all over the globe.

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