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MMUSA ATP+ CREATINOL SERUM, 5.1 oz. Description

AS REAL AS YOUR FOCUSIT DOESN’T GET MUCH MORE REAL THAN THAT.Guided by a commitment to staying real – a love of life, a respect for science and a devotion to natural ingredients – we create products that embody truth -products like ATP Serum. Naturally formulated with powerful amino acids, herbs and nutrients; serious athletes demand ATP because it increases ATP production and delays lactic acid build up, increasing energy and stamina on-demand. And because it’s manufactured by Muscle Marketing USA, you can be sure the convenient serum delivery system is safe and effective. What we love about you is what you’ve come to love about us. It’s all in the drive for what we do, and that is as real as real gets.BENEFITS OF MMUSA SERUM VS. PILL OR POWDER SUPPLEMENTS Safe Dosage- not mega doses that can harm liver & kidneys Totally water soluble and bioavailable No side effects like water retention, bloating and cramping Taken in small 5 ml doses sublingually, bypassing the digestive track Fully absorbed and reaches muscles within minutes Added ingredients are pure and natural – no fillers of sugar, soybean oil hydrogenated oils, sucralose Natural fruit flavoring – not chalky and gritty Some MMUSA Serums include a new proprietary molecule based on the body’s own form of creatine phosphate which is 100 % stableBENEFITS OF MMUSA ATP SERUM Increases energy levels Builds lean muscle mass Maintains lean muscle mass Contains amino acids Unisex Formula

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